We’ve combined the best of meal delivery and disease management to create a turnkey solution for Medicare members that is easy, delicious, and healthy.
We created Healthrageous because we think it’s outrageous just how hard it can be to get and stay healthy.
We’re a new kind of healthy living company obsessed with making healthy lifestyles possible through easy, delightful experiences.
It’s is a personal concierge in the palm of your hands tailored to your needs.
Your personal, electronic concierge will send you healthy living tips via text or email (whichever you prefer), virtually guiding you to successfully manage diabetes and heart health.
It also offers a simple, real-time digital tool for you to easily track your blood sugar levels and progress towards reaching your health goals. (This feature is optional and can be customized to your schedule and needs).
We love getting feedback. With the Healthrageous Concierge you can submit feedback on the program experience, meals you like the best, and how the program helps you meet and exceed your wellness goals.
You have access to the Healthrageous Concierge program 52 weeks a year. Your meal benefits are available for a set number of weeks, but you get personalized support from the Healthrageous Concierge all year long.
For more questions about Healthrageous program communications, see the “Text and Email Messages” section below.


The Healthrageous program is tailored to your specific 2022 Medicare Advantage Plan. Enrollment begins January 2, 2022 aligned  with your Medicare Advantage Plan benefits. For questions about eligibility or open enrollment, contact your Brand New Day Member Services team: 1-866-255-4795 TTY 711 or Bright HealthCare Member Services Team 1-844-926-4521 TTY 711.
Our meal program only covers the Medicare Advantage plan beneficiary.  You may purchase additional meals for your spouse or primary caretaker in addition to your meal program benefit.

If you are eligible for the program, you will receive communication via flyer, email, and/or text message providing a link to enroll in the program. The program enrollment will request your contact information, program preferences, and consent to the terms and conditions. You may also contact your health plan at any time for assistance with enrollment, or you may call the Healthrageous Call Center at (855) 868-8655.


After you enroll in the program, you will be directed to MadeEasyMeals.com to confirm your account. You log in, and order your first week of meals!

Once you create your account on MadeEasyMeals.com, you can order meals anytime by texting the word MEAL to mobile phone number 88106. The text messaging system is not case sensitive.

On MadeEasyMeals.com, select the meal bundle you would like: e.g. Chef’s Picks, Veggie Lover or Choose Your Own. It’s that easy!

You will receive a text message and email confirming your meal order has been received. You will also receive status updates via text message when your meals have shipped and when they will arrive.

We encourage members to take full advantage of their meal benefit by placing orders as early as January.  To receive the full meal benefit, we recommend that you should place your first order by no later than these dates:
  • Medicare Advantage Plan: 6 weeks / year and 3 weeks copay benefit by October 1st
  • CSNP Plan: 12 weeks / year benefit – September 15th
  • Duals Plan: 1 order / month benefit – January 15th
If you are unsure of which benefit plan you are eligible for, contact your Brand New Day Member Services team at 1-866-255-4795 TTY 711 or Bright HealthCare Member Services Team at 1-844-926-4521 TTY 711

Yes, you will have the same meal order delivered to you each week during the program unless you choose  to change it.

You will receive your personalized link to update your meal plan via text message or email. You can also text the word MEAL to the phone number 88106, and you will receive a text message with your link. The text messaging system is not case sensitive.
You can also order meals by accessing MadeEasyMeals.com at any time.

Yes. If you have a subscription (automatic reoccurring orders), then you can update your meal selections.

Changes made before 11 p.m. PT the day an order is placed will be applied to that order and all future orders. Changes made after 11 p.m PT the day an order is placed will only apply to future orders.

To update your meal selections:

  1. Log into your madeeasymeals.com account.
  2. Navigate to your account page by clicking on the person icon at the top right of the page (or by clicking here).
  3. Click “Manage Meal Orders” to view your order history (or click here).
  4. Click the “Update” link in the “Action” column of your most recent order.
  5. Select your meals and continue through the complete checkout process.

If you have trouble, please contact customer support at (855) 868-8655 or info@madeeasymeals.com.

Yes. If you have a subscription (automatic reoccurring orders), then you can change the date that your next order will be placed.

Here’s how:

  1. Log into your madeeasymeals.com account.
  2. Navigate to your account page by clicking on the person icon at the top right of the page (or by clicking here).
  3. Click “Manage Meal Orders” to view your order history (or click here).
  4. Click the “Pause” link in the “Action” column of your most recent order. If you don’t see a “Pause” link, then your subscription isn’t active and you aren’t scheduled to receive any future orders.
  5. Click into the popup box to select the date you would like your next order to be placed. You can select a date up to 90 days in the future.
  6. Click “Pause” to save your selection.
  7. On the date you selected, your next order will be placed and you will receive an email notification. You will have until 11 p.m. PT that day to pause or update your order again.

If you have trouble, please contact customer support at (855) 868-8655 or info@madeeasymeals.com.

If you wish to cancel an order the day it is placed, please contact customer support via email at info@madeeasymeals.com or call (855) 868-8655. An order cannot be canceled after 11 p.m. PT the day the order is placed.

If you wish to cancel your subscription (automatic reoccurring orders) before you have received all of your orders, please contact customer support via email at info@madeeasymeals.com or call (855) 868-8655. You can also cancel by submitting a cancellation request here.

Access this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page on MadeEasyMeals.com. We will update the FAQ page with new information as we learn more from customer feedback.
We want to help you! Please email us at info@shipmymeals.com or call at (855) 868-8655. Our dedicated call center is ready to assist you.


Your order will be shipped to the address you entered when ordering your first shipment of meals. If you need to change your address, you can update it from your account page on madeeasymeals.com.

Your meals are delivered to you in a temperature-controlled box with insulated packaging and dry ice to ensure your meals stay frozen. This allows your meals to be kept at the highest standard of safety and quality during transit. Individual meal packaging is simple and stackable so items can be easily stored in your freezer.

Meal orders placed by 11 p.m. PT are typically shipped the next business day and arrive 1 to 3 days after being shipped. Deliveries are not made on weekends or federal holidays. Orders projected to arrive after Friday are held for shipping until the following Monday to reduce time in transit and ensure that meals stay frozen and safe.

Meals are delivered by a variety of carriers (UPS, FedEx, etc.), and no signature is required upon delivery. Packages cannot be delivered to a PO Box nor can they be placed inside the home.

If your package requires directions for delivery, please call (855)-868-8655 or email info@MadeEasyMeals.com. Directions for or changes to the shipment cannot be made after the order has shipped.

You are responsible for receiving the package once it has been provided to the shipping carrier. You should place your meals in your freezer as soon as possible after receiving delivery.

Any delivery issues such as shipping delays or lost items are handled through the shipping carrier. We hope you will not encounter a shipping delay, but in the event a delay occurs, please contact the shipping carrier directly via the information provided in the shipment tracking text message.

We want to know if you experience a problem with your shipment. Please email us at info@MadeEasyMeals.com or call (855) 868-8655.

Store your meals in the freezer. Once thawed, meals should be heated and consumed within 3 to 4 days.

The type of tray for each meal may vary due to availability or other factors. However, all meal trays align with our commitment to providing high quality meals and reducing material waste. We only use trays that have superior heating capabilities and that are recyclable.


You may receive 2-6 text and/or email messages per week from your Healthrageous Concierge, depending on your preferences selected on the enrollment form. (This excludes status updates regarding your meal order). If you enroll to receive additional support for managing and monitoring your blood sugar, you will receive additional reminder texts/emails to track and record your blood sugar based on a schedule that you choose. You will be given this option on the enrollment form.

The Healthrageous Concierge messages come from 88106. This is also known as a short code or a short number.

Status updates regarding your order’s shipment will come from a separate number.

The program text messages and webpages you receive have no additional costs beyond your current plan with your carrier. The mobile web pages use very little data.

We guarantee there is no extra cost beyond your current plan with your carrier. This message you received is something many phones display when receiving a message from a short code phone number.

It is possible that your phone plan is blocking short numbers like 88106. Text the word HELP to the number 88106. If you do not receive a response, you may need to contact your carrier. The text messaging system is not case sensitive.
Some email hosts block our email order confirmations. You can check your spam/junk folder and see if the confirmation was sent there. If so, it’s recommended to add the email sender to your contact list to prevent further issues. If the problem persists, please email us at info@shipmymeals.com or call at (855) 868-8655.

We recommend continuing text message alerts from Healthrageous Concierge, as it is the best way to communicate about the program, adjust your orders and receive valuable health information tailored to you. To stop receiving text messages, text the word STOP to 88106 at any time. The text messaging system is not case sensitive.

You can access the link provided in the text message from a cell phone, tablet, or PC, or access MadeEasyMeals.com directly from your web browser.


Should you have an allergy or other special medical conditions, you are urged to take extra precautions. All of our products provide a list of the ingredients contained on the labels as well as on our website. If you have adverse reactions to specific foods, it is your responsibility to avoid eating these foods. Healthrageous is not responsible for any adverse reactions related to allergies or other medical conditions.
Please read the label. On occasion, preservatives or nitrates may be used to extend shelf life.  In such cases, we list the ingredients on the food label.

Occasionally, meals are subject to substitution in cases of unavailability. Please visit our active substitutions list here to view current substitutions.

We keep it simple for you – just follow the heating instructions on the package to prepare your meals. All instructions are designed for heating in the microwave or conventional oven. Be sure to heat your meal to 165°F and let it stand for 1 minute before eating.

Feel free to add something to the meal—like a healthy side salad, avocado, berries, Greek yogurt, etc.—that is completely up to you.


Our priority is to make your meal experience convenient & enjoyable. We want to hear from you, so please give us your feedback at info@MadeEasyMeals.com. Or you can speak to our customer success representatives by calling (855) 868-8655. Our Customer Success Call Center is available Monday through Friday from 8 am-5 pm PST. Our trained representatives can help you with questions regarding your meal order as well as troubleshoot any issues that may arise.  This program is designed to make the experience easy and hassle free so that you can focus on getting the nutrition you need to feel better and be healthy and well.


  1. You will receive an informational flyer from your plan about your eligibility for the health and wellness and Meal Delivery program.
  2. You will receive a text and email with a link to enroll in the program and begin ordering your meals.
  3. Ordering is super easy: select a meal bundle like Chef’s Picks or Veggie Lover and you are done! If you wish to select your own meals, you can do that as well.
  4. Your meals are sent directly to your home. Meal orders placed by 8 pm local time are processed and shipped by the next business day and arrive within 3 business days. We’ll keep you alerted of the status along the way.
  5. Enjoy the meals and let us know what you think!